Reason #4 – Unique Local Event Make Phelps Amazing!

Phelps EventsLet’s talk about Phelps festivals and events – just in case you weren’t busy enough what with all the fantastic outdoor opportunities and drooling over some of the prettiest views in the world! As we continue to explore the very many reasons why life in Phelps is so amazing, we would be misleading if we didn’t include the wonderfully unique local events of this Northwoods gem. No matter the season, there is fun planned that you don’t want to miss out on!

The new year is fast approaching, and it’s never too early to save the date for that special occasion in Phelps, whether you live here year round or just pop in from time to time. And no one does small town celebrations as cool as Phelps, Wisconsin!

Cure Spring Fever at the Phelps Maple Syrup Fest!

Phelps Maple Syrup FestHave you had the joys of smelling the scrumptious scent of maple syrup being cooked in the spring? If you think a dab of store bought syrup on your breakfast pancakes is something, you will simply DROOL over fresh, homemade maple syrup! Given the Northwoods culture and heritage, it should come as no surprise that Phelps honors the sweetest of the sweet with a great local event every year.

Maple Syrup Fest may be all about syrup, but the day spans many a cravings and all age groups. With the participation of the Northwoods Children’s Museum, kids are not only entertained but learn something at the same time. A diverse craft show allows attendees to browse wares ranging from local maple syrup (of course!) to handwoven hats and possibly even get a massage in the middle. But make sure to get your raffle tickets early because this festival has some HUGE prizes.

Take in a tour of a real live sugar bush – and if you don’t know what that is, pay special attention because the magic of syrup is all in the making. After your tour, make sure to stop in the Maple Café to try any number of maple syrup treats. And we say any number because who could pick just one? If you have a soft spot for caramel colored goodness, make sure to be at the Phelps School on April 11, 2015.

Event Tip: Early attendees get the best pickings of local syrups!

Honor Independence with a Big Bang in Phelps!

Phelps 4th of JulyOk, sure, every small town in America makes a big deal about the 4th of July. You couldn’t ask for a more united holiday than this. But Phelps really brings that small town feeling back to the Independence Day celebration like no other Northwoods community. You don’t want to miss this exciting parade or the variety of activities to follow. From barbeque to pie eating, live music and a HUGE firework display, we have all the pickin’s that just scream All-American. And the best part – Phelps 4th of July celebration takes place on the beautiful shore of North Twin Lake, with the crystal clear waters reflecting the colorful blasts and the happy faces of all.

Event Tip: Get in on the Chicken Drop Raffle for a prize that will drop your jaw!

Autumn is the Time for Pumpkins…And Scarecrows!

Scarecrow FestBuilding a scarecrow is an age old art form, one that symbolizes and honors the harvest season. But why stop at just one scarecrow? Phelps in September becomes home to some of the most creative (and goofy) scarecrows ever to be seen in the Northwoods in honor of the annual Phelps Scarecrow Fest, to be held on September 19th 2015.

This great annual local event, hosted by the Phelps Women’s Club, is the best possible way to celebrate the season and enjoy one last hoorah before the snow flies. In between bites of your caramel coated apple, browse local arts and crafts, shoot a bow and arrow, or even try your hand at pumpkin chuckin’. And again – all located right on the spectacular North Twin Lake in dowFall Fun in Phelps!ntown Phelps. (Remember how Reason #1 was the views?? Perfect background for community fun!)

Event Tip: Team up for the pumpkin’ chuckin – it’s waaay harder than it looks!

And That’s Not All for Phelps, Wisconsin!

With so many dedicated clubs and organizations, and a community that just thrives on coming together, there are too many events in Phelps to detail out in just one short blog. Although naturally, as the Phelps Chamber is the sponsor, we recommend you secure an early entry into the Midwest Musky Classic for gloating privileges and great prizes.

And that’s not even the only huge fishing tournament in this fisherman’s playground. Town picnics, fundraising community dinners, school parties and programs…the list goes on and on. So how will you know what is going on in Phelps in the year to come? Well, by following us on Facebook, of course! And check in often on the event calendar for news and updates. We won’t let you miss any of the boundless fun!

Stay Tuned for the 5th and Final Episode in the Life in Phelps Series from the Phelps Chamber of Commerce!

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