Why Your Northern Wisconsin Business Should be on Facebook

The whole world is addicted to social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…the list of social media sites is extensive and overwhelming. Everyone, everywhere is logging in to social platforms on a daily basis to socialize and share, for education and entertainment, and just to pass the time. For small businesses, this is good news. Why wouldn’t you want to connect with your loyal customers and potential leads? And to make that connection, you must go where your customers are!

Northern Wisconsinites are no different – we love sharing bad weather woes and our favorite everything’s with our online Facebook friends. This makes Facebook a great tool for small businesses for many reasons. Facebook lets your business communicate and interact with a broader audience while providing customer service and managing your online reputation. By setting goals for social marketing, your business can soak in the benefits of social media with minimal time and little expense.

Maximize Word-of-Mouth Referrals through Facebook

Social media is quickly replacing the traditional ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals that Northern Wisconsin businesses have so long relied upon. Today, customers don’t call up a friend to tell them about the great business they just discovered – they post their opinion on Facebook for the whole world to see. This means that whether you are active on Facebook or not, chances are you are being talked about. Why not encourage positive reviews by giving your customers a place to express themselves?

Communicate With Your Customers

Communication is key when turning a one-time customer into repeat business. By directing customers to a business Facebook page, you can establish an open dialogue with not only that customer but their friends and followers as well. And you control the tone of the conversation – in a world where we are becoming immune to anything that looks or sounds like an advertisement, social media offers another option. Don’t just sell your services or products – sell your brand by offering industry insights, sharing funny photos, and highlighting the behind-the-scenes news that makes your business unique!

Communicating with your customers also keeps your brand fresh in their minds. It is proven that almost 50% of consumers are influenced by social media when choosing which businesses to patronize. Having an active Facebook business page allows you an easy way to make sure your customers are thinking about your business when it comes time to make a choice. By gathering a strong base of followers and posting interesting, frequent content, you can create a daily interaction with your fans to ensure that your business is in their thoughts (and on their feed).

Interact to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Every business loves getting a positive review but what does the customer get out of it? By acknowledging your happy customers, you are telling that person that you value their opinion and appreciate their business. Everyone wants to feel heard! By interacting with your customers on Facebook and other social media venues, you show that your business cares about your customers.

Facebook also lets you learn more about your customers. Trying to decide what entrée to offer on your new menu or which item to add to your shelves? Ask your followers for their opinion and you have easily pre-tested the reception of a new product. And you get free insight into your customer’s thoughts and opinions – helping you meet your market’s needs!

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Does your Northern Wisconsin business utilize social media marketing? How do you use Facebook – what works for you? What goals have you set for your social media marketing? What tips would you offer to a business new to social media? We would love to hear from you!

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