Support DNR Division of Forestry Relocation to Phelps

DNR Considering Phelps for Relocation Destination

Letters of support needed

The WI DNR is starting to build their plan for moving the Division of Forestry Headquarters out of Madison and into northern Wisconsin.  The DNR is seeking a community north of US Highway 10.

The Town of Phelps submitted a request on May 24th to have these headquarters relocated into the former hospital/nursing home located within our Town.  We are the only community located within Vilas County to submit a response to the DNR’s request of interest for consideration.  The deadline is past to submit additional locations for their consideration in the 2017-19 budget.

We need your support and ask you to share our excitement by asking our Wisconsin and US Legislators, as well as the DNR, to relocate the WI DNR Division of Forestry to our town. This potential relocation would complement the already in-progress downtown redevelopment and possibly boost our school enrollment.

Please visit our Town of Phelps website page ( and view the supporting documentation.  Then simply print off the letter, fill in the address, sign and mail or email your letters.  You do not need to be a resident or property owner to submit your letters of support.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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