Reason #2 Why Living in Phelps is AMAZING!

In the first installment of “5 Reasons Living in Phelps is AMAZING!”, we may have got a little carried away with the amazing views of this picture-perfect small town. After all, it is hard to put such settings and the feelings they invoke into simple words. But today let us move on from the views of the land to the opportunities that it presents.

Reason #2 – Outdoor Opportunities Galore!

Just as the views are breathtaking no matter the time of day or the season, the outdoor opportunities in Phelps and the surrounding peaceful communities are fantastic all year long! And it’s no wonder – with miles upon miles of wild forests and lakes just brimming with fish, Phelps is the outdoorsman’s (or outdoorswoman’s) dream come true. Oh, but where to start?

Year-Round Northwoods Fishing

night fishingDo you dream of the sound of the gentle lapping of the water hitting the side of the boat as the sun sets slowly behind you? If so, you may be a fisherman! With some of the largest freshwater lakes in the county, and each lake a varying depth and size, it’s no wonder that people from all over the country travel to Phelps in search of the catch of a lifetime. But when you live here, an afternoon or evening casting out your lines is as easy as breathing and requires no long-term planning. You can just grab your pole, favored bait and head on out to the lake.

Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike – they are all just waiting patiently below the glassy surface. Not to mention the world-class muskies! If you are a lover of the tasty pan fish, than Phelps has an abundance of crappie, blue gills and perch that practically jump right into your lap. It’s no wonder that there are so many fishing tournaments held in Phelps every year. And driving past NorthNorthwoods fishing in Phelps Twin Lake in the winter, you are sure to spot the ice shanties of the die-hard ice fishermen that happily brave the cold and the storms to bring home dinner.

Fishing is one of those hobbies that sticks with you for a lifetime, and one that a passion for is oh-so-fun to pass down to the next generation. Spending that precious quality time with your favorite youngster, discussing the meaning of life and educating them on the ins and outs of becoming a success at the sport is simply priceless. Children in the Northwoods grow up believing their dad (or mom, grandma, grandpa, or whoever taught them the art) to be masters of nature with an unimaginable talent to land the big one. Don’t worry – we won’t tell them that you may have slightly overexaggerated your prowess with a pole!

Lake Enjoyment For All

Northwoods lakes are good for more than just great fishing. Have you ever enjoyed a warm afternoon paddling leisurely aroubeachnd the waters, taking in the sounds of nature around you? Talk about the most relaxing lake sport, canoeing and kayaking are perfect for Phelps, where some lakes are completely untouched by the sights and sounds of civilization. Prefer a little more excitement and speed? Jet skiing, tubing, or even water skiing can be a blast!

If you are a land lubber who prefers to keep your feet on the ground, a day lazing at the beach may be your idea of the perfect afternoon. Watching the kids splashing in the water, as they squeal and giggle with delight, or strolling the shores with the cooling touch of the lake on your toes – can’t you just feel the contentment of the moment sinking in, chasing away all sense of time and memories of busy schedules and things to be done?

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Wisconsin CampingLet’s stray from the sandy scents of the lake into the pine-tinted air of the forest. For once you step foot into the wilderness of Phelps, it’s easy to imagine that it is 200 years ago and civilization has disappeared. Whether you seek a challenging hike or bike ride or a leisurely stroll, the woods are an invigorating healer of stress and worries. The birds chirp from high above, the forest floor is sprinkled with colorful wildlflowers, and the air actually tastes clean and fresh.

But why settle for just a few hours of hiking or biking to enjoy nature? Why not make a real excursion of it with a camping trip? Set up camp at Spectacle Lake or Kentuck Lake or venture into the Black Jack Springs Wilderness, just don’t forget to bring along marshmallows and a scary story for the camp fire! No matter how old you are, nothing beats the sticky, ooey gooeyness of a chocolate dripping s’more…

When you live in Phelps, you don’t have to go far to get in touch with nature. Make time for a picnic, whether at the lakanimal insidee,
in the forest, or in your own backyard for some good old-fashioned fun. Even the small things, like jumping in a pile of freshly fallen lea
ves or braving the cold snow to create magical snow angels and build goofy snowmen remind you of the wonder all around us. And many of us don’t even have to leave the warmth of our homes to catch a glimpse of a wandering whitetail or other Northwoods wildlife. Do beware, however, those brave wildlife that would prefer to join you inside!

Snowy Trails and Winter Fun in Phelps

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the most popular outdoor sport season. Sure, not everything about Northwoods winters are happy and easy. After all, who really likes shoveling snow and brushing off the car every morning just to get to work? But chances are, although you may be dreading those winter woes, a part of you is leaping up and down at the first sign of frosty whiteness. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and sledding adventures leap into your mind with the first snowflake. And oh, the snowmobiling!Wisconsin Snowmobiling

The 60 miles of well-groomed snowmobile trails in Phelps connect riders to the rest of Vilas County and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Zipping along on your sled with the energizing air of winter and the sun reflecting off the snow is the favorite past time of many a Wisconsite. Lucky for Phelps locals, we can enjoy this thrilling sport without the need to load up the trailer and pack up all your gear. After all, the great outdoors is right out your front door!

Outdoor Activities, All Year Long!

It would be impossible to discuss each and every possibly outdoor opportunity of Phelps in a mere blog – after all, we didn’t even touch on hunting, horseback riding, wildlife photography or picking wildflowers. Each of us has that one activity that calls to us, making us hurry through our chores to just get out there and DO. Whatever it is that cries your name, we encourage you to give in and take advantage of the nature and environment that we are blessed with.

It turns out that Phelps outdoor activities, just like our views, may be much bigger than just one reason. And if you are still curious about what else could possibly make our top five list after nature, you will just have to check back soon. In the meantime, join us on Facebook to share your favorite way to spend time outdoors!

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