Phelps Snowmobile Club Seeks Board Members

Volunteer for the Snowmobile Club and Make a Difference!

From the Phelps Snowmobile Club

The Phelps Snowmobile Club has been in existence for 30+ years, thanks to a long list of people who have joined the club as well as served on the Board of Directors. The Club has always existed for the benefit of local businesses and for members to enjoy being part of a group that shares a common interest. A club such as ours can only be successful because of the strength of the membership and its leadership. Over the past 10 years, the Board of Directors has been made up primarily of members who are retired from their primary jobs, live in the area during the winter, and have the desire to serve for the benefit of all club members and local businesses. It has become increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers to serve on our Board. Some of our current Board members are serving terms of 10+ years because of lack of replacements.

Snowmobile Club Fundraiser Our Club has always prided itself in making a positive impact on the Phelps community. We conduct our membership meetings at local businesses, maintain trails for all snowmobilers to enjoy, and coordinate weekly club rides. Unfortunately, we have come to a crossroad, either recruit volunteers willing to assume leadership on our Board or consider dissolving the club. Dissolving the club would mean distributing our hard earned financials, equipment, and trail systems to surrounding clubs.

The Board of Directors consists of 4 Officer positions and 3 At-Large Directors serving 2 year terms. Briefly, Board of Director responsibilities are as follows:

  • The President is the primary overseer of the Club, who coordinates activities with the Trail Boss, other Board members, works with local land owners, and works with the County/other clubs.
  • The Vice-President takes responsibility of the President in his/her absence.
  • The Corresponding Secretary handles membership renewals, member newsletters, and primary contact with club members.
  • The Recording Secretary handles meeting minutes and club related communications as needed.
  • The At-Large Directors share a variety of responsibilities, including trail map coordination, business signage on trails, fundraising, etc.
  • While not a Board member, our Trail Boss position is critical. The Trail Boss is responsible for trail grooming, reports conditions to the County, and hires grooming equipment operators. The position requires general knowledge of operation and repair of large equipment.

We are asking that you consider volunteering for any of these positions. If you have an interest, you can start by attending our monthly Board meetings as an observer. Meetings start in late August. A nomination committee is formed in December and the terms begin in February.

Our Club can only exist with a strong Board of Directors. If stepping forward to volunteer interests you, please contact Denny Holcomb at 715-522-0534 or 715-545-3002, or via email at

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