Phelps School Fab Lab

From the Phelps School District:

Dear Local Businesses,

Phelps School District would like to partner with you and your business to prepare our students for a career in business or in a field that will lead to gainful employment. In order to accomplish our goal we are looking to you for input and collaboration. Phelps School District is writing a Fab Lab Grant to update our Tech Department. The equipment we plan to purchase will also be made available to our community businesses.

Workers who are qualified and skilled upon graduation from high school are in high demand, not only in our community, but in the state of Wisconsin and the nation. It is our privilege and duty to work together with you to prepare your next employees who will help us create economic growth. The school district of Phelps is pursuing a $25,000 grant made possible through funds set aside by the State of Wisconsin legislature to create a Fabrication Laboratory in our school district and we are asking for your help.

This “Fab Lab” is fashioned along the principles of the technology laboratory developed at MIT, and has rapidly developed into a global initiative. It will provide our students not only with training in new technologies (3D printing, additive and subtractive machining and the like), but the learning process integrated into our existing core subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM), will help further develop the critical thinking skills and other soft skills key business partners have identified as crucial to an employees success in the workplace in our community.

We are calling on you, as one of our community’s business leaders, to help us in preparing our students by offering your opinions and expertise to help plan the project, volunteer some of your time to come in to the Fab Lab to demonstrate how skills learned in school are relevant in your business. We are in need of letters of commitment to demonstrate to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, the grant administrators, how the business leaders in our community are willing to work with us to create and develop a strong Fab Lab project.

We are holding a planning meeting on November 1st at 11:30 am in room 111 at Phelps School, where we will provide more information about the Fab Lab, hear your thoughts for the project, and gather partners to help us prepare a successful project. If possible, please bring two blank sheets with your letterhead. Then, if you decide to partner with the school, we can print the letter on your letterhead for you to sign, saving you time and money.


Dr. Delnice Hill

Mr. Jason Pertile

Mr. David Justics


School District of Phelps

4451 Old School Road

Phelps, WI 54554

Phone: 715-545-2724 

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