Phelps Honored with Visit from Successful Upper Michigan Chamber

On Wednesday, March 20th, Phelps Chamber of Commerce was pleased to host a networking event with an engaging speaker from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Vicki Micheau, Director of the Delta County Chamber of Commerce, spoke to Phelps Chamber members and a diverse group of attendees about the benefits that Chambers provide for local businesses and their surrounding communities. The evening’s discussion was further enriched by helpful and motivating feedback from Ann Jousma-Miller, fellow dedicated Delta County Chamber supporter.

Delta County Chamber Director Highlights the Importance of Working Together

During her presentation, Vicki described how the success of their Chamber and the entire county depends on frequent and open communication that creates better collaboration with local organizations and the community. The Delta County Commerce Center is a great example of this effort. The Commerce Center houses the County Chamber as well as the EDA, the Convention & Visitors Bureau, and the Builders Exchange all under one roof. This allows the four organizations to share certain resources and even staff while being better situated to work together to meet common goals.

Vicki went on to describe Delta County Chambers commitment to keeping members and the public informed about what is going on within the Chamber and in the community. Because even a small event can affect so many local businesses, it is important for business owners and employees to know the details of what is happening around the area so that they can better serve their customers. By creating a helpful and friendly environment for events and visiting groups, the area naturally promotes itself.

Delta County Chamber Shares it’s Celebrations

The best part of tackling a major project or initiative is celebrating a successful effort. To highlight this, Vicki shared some of Delta County’s proud celebrations with her Northern Wisconsin audience.

The Upper Peninsula State Fair, “the ONLY Michigan State Fair”, is a source of great pride to the Delta County Chamber and its partners. As a team, the Commerce Center organizations saved the fair from almost certain extinction when the State of Michigan declared it would no longer fund the event. The team recognized its cultural value and major financial impact on the entire Upper Peninsula and worked together to take over operation. August of 2014 will be the fifth U.P. State Fair without state funding.

The Delta Force Leadership Program is another celebration point. Participants are selected every year to take part in a series of programs covering topics such as government, education, history and social needs. By identifying, educating and introducing the area’s ‘future leaders’, the program ensures the continued success of the community.

Phelps Chamber and Community Applauded

“Stand a little bit taller”, Vicki told the evenings participants as she commended the Phelps Chamber of Commerce and local organizations for their vigorous efforts. The Phelps Chamber Board and Director work diligently to highlight and promote their member businesses through a variety of means, including on the Chamber website and through social media. Because Northern Wisconsin is challenged with a highly seasonal tourism industry, the efforts of all local Chambers are crucial to the success of the area.

The Yooper visitors also praised, with a touch of friendly competiveness, the area for its beautiful scenery, calling Phelps and its fellow communities “picture-perfect”. As the event drew to a close, Vicki and Ann shared their version of branding for the Northwoods – “the wild woods of Wisconsin”. Thanks to such engaging guest speakers and the Phelps Chamber of Commerce, the evening was both educational and enjoyable. Attendees left with a renewed sense of pride in their home, and standing just a little taller.

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