May Rock Star of the Month

Rockin’ the Northwoods
Rock Star of the Month

You may think, we don’t have rock stars here in the Northwoods. Well, we respectfully disagree!

If you have been following along with us online, you may have heard that the Phelps Chamber is asking for YOUR vote for Rockin’ the Northwoods. It is the array of wonderful individuals that makes our community so special and we invite you to celebrate their dedication with us!

We are pleased to announce that May’s Rock Star is…

sunrise-lodgeDick Mendham of Sunrise Lodge

If you live in Vilas County, or visit the Phelps area often, chances are that you have met Dick Mendham. Dick and his wife, Elsie, have been running the popular Sunrise Lodge for 47 years now, and have been actively involved with their community throughout those years.

Dick has participated in numerous clubs, organizations and councils and has hosted countless fundraisers and events at his business. Besides being active in the Phelps, Land O’Lakes, and Conover Chambers, he was involved with the Tourism council in an advisory position and contributes significantly to Maple Syrup Fest here in Phelps. Recently, Sunrise Lodge opened their doors for the Johnson family breakfast fundraiser that was put on by the Phelps Sunrise Lodge8th Grade class.

And that is all on top of running a thriving business, raising 3 kids and making time for 7 wonderful grandchildren!

One community member explains why Dick deserves recognition,

[quote]“Because of over 30 decades of involvement in the local County Chambers, many many donations of food and lodging for various fundraisers and non-profits and Elsie for being the wind beneath his wings.” [/quote]

Another describes our local rock star,

[quote]“You couldn’t meet a friendlier guy, and it’s amazing how much Sunrise Lodge supports the community in so many different ways. If you go to pretty much any event in the area, you will see Mendham familythat Sunrise Lodge is supporting it in some way.”[/quote]

If Dick is the star of the month, Elsie is undoubtedly the shining co-star. To Dick and the wind beneath his wings – thank you for all that you do for your community and your neighbors. We are proud to celebrate a member of the community as wonderful as you!

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