Maple Syrup Judging Contest

Maple Syrup Judging Contest to be held April 1st

Syrup judging contestThe 6th Annual Phelps Maple Syrup Fest will again include a maple syrup judging contest on April 1st.

Syrups will be judged on density, clarity, color, container, and flavor. The highest point category will be for flavor, which will be judged anonymously by celebrity judges including Alice in Dairyland. We are pleased to invite the 69th Alice in Dairyland to join us for the event and the contest, as maple syrup is an important agricultural product of Wisconsin.

In past years, there have been approximately 25 entries vying for the title of Phelps Maple Syrup of the Year award, ranging from backyard Ma & Pop operations to sugar bushes that sell syrup year-round. The entrants are judged in four categories – Golden Color & Delicate Taste, Amber Color & Rich Taste, Dark Color & Robust Taste, and Very Dark & Strong Taste. Entrants must mark the category that they are entering when registering for the contest.

syrup colors

Does Your Syrup Have What it Takes to Win?

Following the contest, judges remarks on each entry will be mailed to the participant for review. Many find this a fun and educational way to learn more about their hobby and test their syrup against other local producers. IntheWoods Sugar Bush of Manitowoc, Wisconsin took home the big ribbon in 2016 with a Dark Color syrup entry. The majority of the entry’s fell in the Amber category, although two of the three top scoring syrups were Dark.

Download the complete Judging Contest Rules here for more information.

To enter the contest, syrup producers can bring 1 pint of syrup and 2017 maple syrup entry form, along with $5 registration fee, to the Phelps Chamber of Commerce at 2429 State Trunk 17 in Phelps prior to the event or to the Phelps School on April 1st, no later than 9 am. For more information, call 715-545-3800.

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