June Rock Star of the Month

Rockin’ the Northwoods
Rock Star of the Month

You may think, we don’t have rock stars here in the Northwoods. Well, we respectfully disagree!

If you have been following along with us online, you may have heard that the Phelps Chamber is asking for YOUR vote for Rockin’ the Northwoods. It is the array of wonderful individuals that makes our community so special and we invite you to celebrate their dedication with us!

We are pleased to announce that June’s Rock Star is…

A Tie – Mrs. Johnson & the 8th Grade Class!

Phelps Students Shine!The reason that the Rockin’ the Northwoods contest began was to highlight how truly special our community is and this month’s winners couldn’t be a more touching example. We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Johnson, our school music teacher, and the entire 8th grade class are first-rate, world-class Rock Stars!

Mrs. Kim Johnson has been inspiring a love of music in our students for the past several years, and entertaining the entire town by directing creative school concerts. That alone would make her deserving of Rock Star status, but it doesn’t stop there.

We want our youth to grow up to be strong and resilient adults, and Mrs. Johnson sets quite the example for her students. Her family has been going through a particularly hard time in the last few months, with more trials ahead. However, Mrs. Johnson has been the picture of faith, demonstrating to her students that it is possible to stand tall and smile even when life gets hard.

And just as Mrs. Johnson continues to be there for her students, one class made the decision to return the favor. The 8th grade class chose to redirect their class fundraiser to support their teacher and boy, were they successful!

Over $12,000 Raised by Phelps 8th Grade!

June Rock StarsCan you believe that this benefit raised an amazing $12,382.10? These students have showed a mature compassion and dedication to their local community that is outstanding. They made a goal, worked hard to reach it, and accomplished an incredible feat.

We would also like to express appreciation to the school administrators and teachers, the other classes that each took time to do something special for their teacher, and to every member of the community that supported this fundraiser and this family.

Mrs. Johnson succeeded in not only inspiring a love for music in these students, but in leading them to discover the true meaning of community. To Mrs. Johnson and the 8th grade class – thank you for your display of mutual admiration and support of each other. May we all live each day in such an unselfish and giving manner.

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