January Ice Fishing Update

Can you believe this season so far?

With the early cold, then some snow and rain, the local ice conditions are in great shape. We have had a great couple of weeks as far as fishing goes, snowmobiling not so much. Make sure to check the ice depth along your pathway to make sure it is thick enough. Remember that some of the area lakes are also marked with barrels for snowmobiles and to punch your holes away from the trail areas.

Northern Pike:

We are finding fish on the weed edges and in the deeper weeds. On the edges the set up should be tip ups set a foot or so off the bottom.  When fishing the deep weeds, set your tip ups so that your bait is just above the tops of the weeds.


These fish are being caught in a couple of areas, in and around weeds.  Setting tip ups on the weed edges baited with walleye suckers or medium golden shiners in low light conditions seem to be best.  Also, jigging in the same areas with baits like the buckshot rattle spoon are producing fish.  The other good option is on the tops of rock humps for good spots in the early evening.

Ice Fishing Crappies on IcePanfish:

Bluegills are being found in the weeds using small jigs tipped with waxies, spikes or tipped with plastic.  Perch are being caught on the deep weed edge where the mud meets. Crappies are being found off the first break off of the deep weeds in some lakes and found suspended over the deep water basin.

Selective harvest is the way to go.  Colin Crawford’s Guide Service, crawfordfishing@gmail.com (715)891-2715.  Website is www.crawfordfishing.com or you can also find Phelps Outdoors on Facebook.

Happy fishing!

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