How Being a Chamber Member Can Bring You Business

There are an infinite number of benefits to joining a local business organization, like the Phelps Chamber of Commerce. Increasing business to business relationships, networking opportunities, involvement in the community, and access to educational resources are all great reasons to become a member. Today, though, we want to talk about your most valuable asset – your customers! And how the Phelps Chamber helps those customers find you!

Expand the Reach of Your Business!

Chamber members have the opportunity to increase advertising and expand reach at a very low cost. Compare the current Phelps Chamber membership dues to your monthly newspaper ad and radio commercial bills – you are more than likely paying much more a month in advertising that the cost of a year’s membership with the Chamber! And those advertising costs give you exposure through one media and one media only.

As a Chamber member, you receive a listing of your choice on our high-traffic website. You can present your businesses marketing materials in the Chamber building, and have the option to advertise in any Chamber publications. One of our current Chamber members is noticing more traffic to their business website from the Phelps Chamber’s business directory than almost any other source! When a person is searching for a specific service or product, one of the first places they check is the local Chamber directory. Make sure these customers see your business!

As an Enhanced member, you will be featured on the Phelps Chamber Facebook page, with up to 2 shares from your Facebook feed a month of your choice. We currently have well over 3300 likes on Facebook, and our audience is growing every day! And our goal is to be the most liked page in Vilas County. Imagine how many potential customers could learn about your business while simply going about their day. 76% of Facebook users log in at least once a day, and almost 50% of users report that Facebook is the top influencer on their spending decisions.

Enhanced members also have the option to purchase a dedicated page on the Chamber website. This can be a great way to introduce your potential customers to your full website. Or, if you don’t yet have your own website, this is an affordable option to get your business online and start showing up in search engines. Either way, more exposure for your business!

Gain Customer Trust and Traffic for Your Business!

Did you know that a consumer is 44% more trusting of a business that belongs to the local Chamber? And 63% more likely to spend their money with these businesses? This means that being a Chamber member makes the difference between a potential customer and an actual customer roughly half of the time!

And why do consumers trust Chamber businesses more? Your membership is more than just advertising. It is publicly expressing an involvement in your local community and a shared interest in the success of the whole community, instead of a perceived selfish focus on the profits of your own business. We see so many print ads every day, and hear so many radio commercials that they just go in one ear and out the other. But when the local Chamber of Commerce gives information about a business, it is not seen as advertising – it is simply valuable information. It brings with a certain sense of credibility for the business. And gains you customers!

The Benefits are Endless for Phelps Chamber Members!

The Phelps Chamber focuses our time and resources on ensuring that our community reaches its fullest potential. It is the Chamber’s mission to support and promote this beautiful town and its many diverse businesses. Who better to help you market and grow your business? After all, it is said that marketing businesses is the business of a Chamber. And the Phelps Chamber is continuously improving and expanding our efforts. It’s evident in our growth of Facebook followers and increased website traffic. Become a member today and help us help our community to thrive!

Coming Soon – The Benefits of Networking!

Check back on our blog to learn more about the benefits of becoming a Phelps Chamber of Commerce member, and to stay up to date on community happenings and issues affecting our area. Feel free to post a comment or join us on Facebook to share your questions and thoughts. We want to hear from you!

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