Fishing is Getting Better!

It’s going to get better…

The Latest Fishing Update from Local Guide Colin Crawford

From what I can tell at the boat landings, everyone is out enjoying the beautiful weather on the lakes.  What a difference a few days of good strong sun can make.  I was on a few different lakes in the area and found water temps ranging from 43 degrees to 58 degrees, so I caught fish all over the place.

Northern Pike:

These fish were caught while jigging walleyes in some sparse weeds; they will get more active as the water warms and more weed growth occurs.


This is what I found around the area, some walleyes were still full of eggs, some still spewing eggs, others spawned out and the feed bag was on.  I’m thinking they will finish up spawning this week.  As the water keeps warming up, weeds will start to become more into play; keep your eyes on your locator.  Jig and minnow combo will still be the choice for a while.


Perch are being caught on jigs and slip bobber rigs alike. Crappies are starting to stage closer to spawning areas on the lakes that are in the warmer temps.

Selective harvest is the way to go.  Colin Crawford’s Guide Service, (715)891-2715.  Website is or you can also find Phelps Outdoors on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. NPAA #94. Remember, if you hire a guide, make sure the guide is licensed as a guide.

Happy fishing!

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