Educational Classes for Making Syrup and Honey in Phelps

Perfect Your Maple Syrup Skills!

This year’s Maple Syrup Fest in Phelps, taking place on Saturday, April 6th will again include a variety of classes for those considering making their own maple syrup or honey. Experienced producers will share tricks of the trade at the Phelps School throughout the day for only $5 fees per class. To sign up, reserve your space by calling 715-545-3800 or stopping at the Phelps Chamber office prior to the event. During the event, stop by the Info Table in the Phelps School Commons area to sign up.

9 am – Filtering Dos & Don’ts with Jim Schumacher, Smoky Lake Maple Products:

This class will enable you achieve a clear and beautiful finished product. Professional, Jim Schumacher, will teach you how to filter maple syrup correctly and prevent the need to filter your multiple times. Questions and participation is encouraged. We will focus on methods and aspects of filtering that you, the participant, express the most interest in.

10 am – Beekeeping 101 with Don Crass, Crazy Joe’s Natural Products:

Learn the basics of beekeeping and what you need to get started on the journey to producing your very own honey with experienced beekeeper Don Crass.

11 am – Maple Syrup 101 with John Baroun, Maple Sweet Dairy & Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Ass.:

Learn the basics of producing your own pure maple syrup, the equipment that you need to get started, and a few tips and tricks from experienced producer John Baroun.

1 pm – Preventing Off Flavoring in Your Syrup with John Baroun, Maple Sweet Dairy & Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Ass.:

Experienced producer John Baroun share tips and tricks on preventing off flavoring or taste in your pure maple syrup to ensure the best product.

1 pm – Gardening for Pollinators with Quita Sheehan, Conservation Specialist (FREE to attend):

Vilas County Conservation Specialist Quita Sheehan will share information on how to create a friendly space in your yard for pollinators. This class is free to attend.

2 pm – Measuring Density with Jim Schumacher, Smoky Lake Maple Products:

Learn the ins and outs of measuring the density of your maple syrup with experienced producer Jim Schumacher.

2 pm – Advanced Beekeeping with Don Crass, Crazy Joe’s Natural Products:

Already started on the path of beekeeping? Learn more in-depth information about the art, including how to split hives and care for your bees from experienced beekeeper and syrup producer Don Crass.

For more information on Maple Syrup Fest and activities throughout the day, visit

Call 715-545-3800 today to reserve your spot in one of these fantastic classes!


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