Discover the Joys of Hunting in Phelps, Wisconsin!

Phelps WI HuntingPicture a hike through a beautiful forest in the early morning, with dew on fallen leaves and the sun just starting to shine through the pines. It seems as if the whole world has fallen silent, except for the gentle rustling sounds of the forest. You can literally feel the serenity in every inch of your body, even as each of your senses heighten in anticipation. And then, suddenly, a majestic whitetail deer appears, bounding over branches and through the calm, the vision you have been waiting for!

Or imagine sitting in a blind with your favorite youngster, huddling together in the early morning chill. You don’t say much, as to not frighten off the deer, but whisper observations about the wilderness around you. Despite the chill, your heart is warmed by the awe you see in your hunting partners face, as a child’s appreciation of nature grows right before your eyes. And when the first buck appears, the shared excitement makes the experience one you will both remember for a lifetime!

Such is the joy of hunting, an activity that can bring you closer to nature than you ever thought possible, inspiring the deepest of lifelong bonds. And in Phelps, Wisconsin, the abundance of forested lands filled with wildlife provide the perfect setting for hunting whitetails and game birds. Plan your hunting trip to Phelps today and escape from the busyness of everyday life into the wonders of nature!

Wisconsin Hunting Seasons

Whether you prefer pheasant hunting or deer hunting, bow or gun, Wisconsin has a hunting season for you! Visit the Phelps Chamber Business Member Directory to find just the right lodging for your trip and a wide selection of restaurants to enjoy a good meal after a long day in the woods. Plan your hunting trip to Phelps around your favorite hunting season:

  • Deer, Archery/Crossbow: September 13 – January 4
  • Deer, Gun: November 22 – November 30
  • Deer, Muzzleloader: December 1 – December 10
  • Pheasant: October 18 – December 31
  • Bobwhite Quail: October 18 – December 10
  • Woodcock: September 20 – November 3

For a full listing of various game seasons, visit the Wisconsin DNR online.

Interested in the experience of hunting but don’t need the venison or can’t travel with it? Wisconsin now has a Hunt for the Hungry program, which allows hunters to donate game to help feed the hungry, serving more than 700 food pantries throughout Wisconsin. In Vilas County, hunters can donate venison at Prime Choice Butcher (715-479-456) in Eagle River, after calling ahead to make sure there is room for donations.

Rules & Regulations for Wisconsin Hunting

Before staking out the perfect hunting grounds, make sure you have the proper hunting license for the game you hope to harvest. Are you a first-time hunter in Wisconsin? You may qualify for a special, one-time discounted license fee of only $15! There are also reduced rates available for hunters who haven’t purchased certain licenses in the last 10 years.

The most popular licensing, the gun deer license, is $24 for residents and $160 for non-residents. Hunters can purchase a license online at the DNR Service Center, by calling 1-877-WI-LICENSE, or visiting an authorized license agent like the Phelps Convenience Store (2518 Highway 17 in Phelps). You must have a proof of a Wisconsin Hunter Education Certificate, or the equivalent of from another state to qualify for a permit. Don’t forget to check state rules and regulations for Wisconsin hunting.

  • White & albino deer hunting is not allowed, as they are protected in Wisconsin.
  • Baiting and feeding in Vilas County IS allowed.
  • You can apply for both an archery and a crossbow deer license, but must have each if you plan on hunting with both methods.
  • Must stay 50 feet away from any public road and highway when hunting.
  • Register any harvested deer in person at a qualified registration station by 5 p.m. the following day (with different regulations applying to deer gun season registration).

Where to Hunt around Phelps, Wisconsin

Looking for that perfect Phelps WI huntingplace to hunt? Visit the DNR’s list of public hunting lands online. You will find many outdoor recreation locations to choose from, including the Upper Buckatabon Springs State Natural Area (279 acres) and the Spruce Grouse Swamp (400 acres). Or you can book a guided whitetail deer or elk hunt at the historic Wilderness Reserve. If you are hoping to hunt on private land, be sure to receive prior permission from the landowner and always obey Wisconsin hunting regulations and respect “No Trespassing” postings.

Plan a Hunting Trip to Phelps Today!

Can’t wait to come up north, breathe the fresh air, and hit the forests in search of your trophy whitetail? The Phelps Chamber can help you plan your hunting trip! Give us a call at 715-545-3800 or send email to Chamber-Office@PhelpsWi.Us with any questions, and browse our website to find other great activities in the area. Happy hunting!

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