Crappies, Crappies, and Crappies…

These fish seem to be everywhere, Let the sun warm up the water later in the morning and afternoon and look in the weeds and you should be finding crappie biting on little jigs and or a #6 gold Aberdeen hook tipped with a crappie minnow or a medium sized fathead under a slip bobber. If the lake you’re fishing has some down timber, brush piles, or cribs you will find them in there also.

Northern Pike: Jig and minnow combos along weed edges and spoons like the Johnson silver minnow should be in your arsenal for these eager fish to bite onto.

Walleyes: At this time a good mix of 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 ounce jigs tipped with fathead minnows, or slip bobbers fished on new weed growth edges to rock and soft bottom transitions should get you a good mess of eyes for a fish fry.

Perch: Small jigs and or slip bobbers with small minnows on weed edges is where you will find these fish.

Sunfish: Slip bobbers and small jig or a #6 Aberdeen hook tipped with wax worms or red worms should do the trick for you on these fish.

Please remember there are days that are busy at the boat ramps and that you should have your boat unstrapped from the back of your trailer, plug in, and your gear in the boat while you are in line to drop your boat in the water. A little boat ramp etiquette goes a long way with fellow fisherman.

Happy fishing! Selective harvest is the way to go. Colin Crawford’s Guide Service, (715) 891-2715. You can also “Like” us on Facebook.

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