Beekeeping 101 Class

Introduction to Beekeeping at Phelps Maple Syrup Fest 2017

Beekeeping 101 on April 1stCome and take part in this inexpensive family-oriented introduction to keeping honey bees.  Learn about this fascinating insect, what it takes to get started, what are the three bees that make up a hive and what they do. Learn how they communicate, reproduce and about the equipment needed.  There will be equipment on hand to look at, lots of photos and stories of bee keeping experiences.  This is an introductory course and all ages are welcome. We may even have an observation hive so you can view live bees going about their work.

The class will be presented by Colin Snook, who has been keeping bees since 2007. He will be offering a follow up class for anyone who is interested. The second class will be in the field where we open an active hive and you can experience meeting the honey bee face to face.

To save your seat in the class, contact the Phelps Chamber at 715-545-3800 or stop by the Maple Syrup Fest info booth at the Phelps School on April 1st. The two hour classes will take place at 9 am and 1 pm, with a $10 registration fee per person.

2017 Maple Syrup Fest Introduction to Beekeeping

A. To be or not to be a beekeeper! Discovering the benefits of beekeeping:

  1. Harvesting the honey
  2. Boost your gardens productivity
  3. Peak your interest and your education
  4. Relieve stress
  5. Things know before you venture into beekeeping
  6. Zoning and legal restrictions
  7. Equipment Cost
  8. Time and commitment

B. An basic introduction to this super cool insect: Body Parts

  1. Head, Thorax and Abdomen
  2. Eyes, all five of them
  3. Antennae
  4. Tongue

C. The three casts of the honey bee

  1. The Queen
  2. The Drone
  3. The Worker

D. Life Cycle of the Honey Bee

E. Basic equipment needed to start keeping bees

  1. Langstroth Hive
  2. Hive feeders
  3. Smoker
  4. Hive tool
  5. Bee Proof Clothing

F. Setting up your hive and installing the bees

  1. Hive stands
  2. Where to place your hive
  3. How many hives should you have
  4. Package Bee’s and getting them in your hives

G. When and how to check on your bees

H. Some common problems with bees

I. Photos and discussion

A sweet day of fun for the whole family!

Beekeeping 101 isn’t the only fun happening in Phelps on April 1st! Join us for the 6th Annual Maple Syrup Fest and discover the joys of maple syrup, and honey too! Take a guided bus tour of local sugar bushes, or drive yourself with a self-guided map available at the Phelps School. Join the festivities at the school to try your hand at tree tapping or making taffy on the snow. Browse a large arts and crafts fair with over 70 vendors. Satisfy your taste buds with breakfast or lunch at the Maple Cafe, or take a cooking class to learn how to cook with these natural sweeteners yourself! And be sure to follow along with Maple Syrup Fest on Facebook for all of the announcements and news!

Visit Phelps on April 1st for Beekeeping 101 at the 6th Annual Maple Syrup Fest!

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