ATV Route Updates From Landover ATV Club

Preferred ATV Route to and from Washington

Follow these directions & Highlight Your ATV Map

From Phelps:

When traveling down County Road E towards Phelps, turn left onto the trail—-you will then cross Coveyville Rd. Continue on the trail toward Tower Rd. Take Tower Rd. to Hwy 17. Cross Hwy 17 to CO OP Rd. Take CO OP Rd. to Strong Rd. Turn left onto Strong Rd. Take Strong Rd. to County Road A. Travel on County Rd. A. to St. Louis Rd. Turn right onto St. Louis Rd. Travel down St. Louis Rd. until you get to Deerskin Rd. Turn left onto Deerskin Rd. and travel all the way to Washington. When Deerskin reaches Rangeline Rd., take a left.

Follow Rangeline Rd to Chain O Lakes Rd to go to Wild Eagle Lodge, Certified Service Motorsports (BrandeeJim Nieckula), and Sweetwater Spirits & Resort (Kevin Hartman Heather A. Oberg Chris Hartman).

Follow Rangeline Rd. to Eagle Waters Rd. to go to Eagle Waters Resort.

Follow Rangeline Rd. to Highway 70. Cross the Road to Everett Rd. Take next left on old 70. follow old 70 to end to get to the The Nutty Squirrel (Dawn Sleeman Olderman).

From Washington to rest of system:

Travel down Rangeline Rd to Deerskin Rd. Travel Deerskin Rd. all the way to Phelps. Take a right on St. Louis Rd. Travel St. Louis Rd. to County Rd. A. Take a left on County Rd. A. Travel County Rd. A. to Strong Rd. Take a left onto Strong Rd. Travel Strong Rd. to CO OP Rd. Take a right onto CO OP Rd. Travel CO OP Rd. to the end. Cross highway 17 to Tower Rd. Travel Tower Rd. to the trail. Cross Coveyville Rd. to the trail. Travel the trail to County Rd. E. You can now use your 2016 Landover Map.

Remember even though our map doesn’t have this preferred route on it since it was not yet legal at the time of printing, our maps do have all these roads on it so you could take a highlighter and highlight your own map.

This is currently the only way to get from Washington to Conover, Phelps, Land O’ Lakes and Eagle River. We are working on DOT projects and other links right now. Please be patient. You can not go past the Hiawatha Motor Lodge and take the snowmobile trail to Eagle River. Also, you can’t drive Highway 45, 17, or 70. You will get caught, ticketed, and make our sport look bad. Please follow all rules and ride safe.

Thank you,
Gary Lagueux Jr., Trail Boss- Landover ATV/UTV Club 

Raymond Duranceau, Assistant Trail Boss

The Landover Atv Club thanks you for being a part of the club!!! If you are not a member, we would like you to join. If you are a member, we challenge you to get another person, family, or business to join. Print off a copy of the membership form from  our website and mail it to P.O. Box 116, Conover, WI. 54519. At any time you would like to volunteer time or donate additional funds to the club, we would greatly appreciate it. Please contact our Trail Boss Gary Lagueux Jr. @ 715-891-1205 or Again thank-you!!!!



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