5 Reasons Living in Phelps is AMAZING!

If you have vacationed in Phelps, or even just visited for an afternoon, you might imagine that our beautiful little community would be a great place to live. We are here to tell you that you are right! Well, partially, because living in Phelps is more than just great –it is fun, breathtaking, relaxing, invigorating, and all around AMAZING! If we had to pick just one reason why, we would be left scratching our heads and tugging on our chins, trying to conquer the puzzling dilemma. Choosing even five precise reasons is challenging – but let’s give it a shot!

#1: The Views!Phelps WI sunset

Ok, maybe if we had to pick just one, we could. The views in Phelps are spectacular, and have even brought tears to the eyes of self-proclaimed hard-hearted folk. Which view, you might be wondering. How about all of them?? No matter the time of the day, the season or your location, you are likely to be gazing on a sight that appears as if Mother Nature focused all of her attention on beautifying just this one little piece of the earth!

The sun rising over the canopy of trees…shadows dancing across the forest floor…explosions of color with each sunset…a night sky literally bursting with stars that appear so close, it seems like you could reach out and touch them. And each season brings a new, breathtaking view to enjoy!

The Wonders of Wisconsin Seasons…

What could make you feel cozier at home in January than seeing the snow sparkling outside your window? On sunny days, the trees gleam like they were decorated with crystals, diamonds of ice dripping from each branch. No, we don’t recommend climbing a tree to capture a jewel for yourself – don’t you know that Wisconsin winters are better spent with two feet planted solidly on the ground to avoidfall colors landing on your backside in a cold snowbank? (Exceptions to this rule include, but aren’t limited to, ice fishermen, snowmobilers, snowshoers, and skiiers.)

And what better to inspire your heart than the sudden blooming of wildflowers in the spring? Delicate white trilliums, cornflower blue forget-me-nots, bright yellow adders-tongues and daffodils, and those vibrant violet wildflowers (that no one can ever recall the name of) dotting every field and forest, a sure sign that the cold winter weather has passed.

If you are looking at anything other than one of the many freshwater lakes in the month of July, you are missing out on Northwoods living! And don’t forget autumn, when the artistic hands of nature paint the forest an array of dazzling colors!

Journey Everyday through a Picture Perfect Town…

Photo courtesy of Kathy Bollen JamiesonAs for location, where to begin? How about downtown Phelps? What could be better than driving past the clear blue waters of North Twin Lake every single day? This is often the lasting image in a visitor’s memory of Phelps, one that has caused our wonderful little town to be coined ‘picture-perfect’. In the spring and summer, this view is even more colorful, thanks to the beautiful flowers and gardens created by the Phelps Women’s Club. And December brings a winter wonderland that reaches out and grabs you as you pass through, making you want to stop your car and frolic in the snow.

on the roadThe corner of Highway 17 may be the most featured in photos and memories, but every single road throughout Phelps has a view that will halt you in your path. Driving (on Highway E, Highway A, any direction on 17, or any of the less-traveled country roads) in Phelps can make you forget that the rest of the world even exists, at times making your destination fade from your mind. Trees line each road, sometimes meeting together high over the pavement so perfectly that you feel as if the forest WAS your destination all along. Feel an urge to pull over to marvel in the beauty? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first, and locals passing by wouldn’t even think you odd (although we can’t guarantee that the wildlife won’t assume you are crazy).

Ahhhhh….The Lakes of Phelps!

The views on the road are one thing, lakebut true Northwoodsers’ know that the lake is where you really want to be, no matter the season! Have you ever seen red leaves reflecting on the water so clear that the image looks like an upside down mirror? Or the brilliant beams of a sunset softly lighting the lake? If not, you are missing out! And in Phelps, the peacefulness of the lake is never far away, with so many bodies of freshwater centered in one place. Lac Vieux Desert, North Twin, South Twin, Long Lake, Spectacle, Big Sand, Kentuck – each has it’s own unique view. Choosing the best of these would be like picking which child is your favorite; even when you think you have chosen, another is suddenly revealed in a new and more flattering light.

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It may seem that the views of Phelps are much more than just one reason that life here is so amazing. A million different views with a million different possibilities is more accurate. Yes, we know we promised five reasons that Phelps is the best town on earth, but #1 is so big and so wonderful that we better give you time to absorb the magical fullness of it. Number 2 will have to wait for another day. Until then, we would love to see the views that you have captured and hear how they inspire you and touch your heart!

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