Reason #3 Life in Phelps is Amazing!

If you recall, the views of our picture-perfect town made it to the #1 slot for our top 5 reasons that living in Phelps is so amazing, and there’s no arguing with that! #2, the outstanding nature offerings of the area, again speaks of the miraculous landscape of Phelps, which provides for so many fun outdoor opportunities year round. For #3, let’s focus in on a more personal reason.

Community is a powerful word, one that conveys a feeling of belonging and home and unity. There’s nothing stronger in the world than a sense of community, and it is because of this that community is our #3 reason why life in Phelps is amazing. Herman Melville said “We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men.”, and these threads are well apparent here in the Northwoods!

A Northwoods Community That Cares Together

No matter the event or cause, the large sense of community here is never more apparent than when there is a call to come together. Attendance isn’t based on what the day’s festivities will bring, but rather is driven by the feeling of belonging to something bigger and a desire to support the organizations that give so much to the town.

Picnic for a Cause

Steak in the ParkTake, for example, the Phelps Lions Club Steak in The Park event. This is one of the main fundraisers for this long-standing non-profit organization. Not only is it an enjoyable fundraiser for the many Lions Club causes, but has such a big turnout that steak tickets are in high demand and sell like hot cakes! Citizens want to show their support for the Lions Club and do so with enthusiasm. In fact, some tickets are purchased by people who can’t even attend the event! (Note: We don’t recommend doing this – the Lions Club will happily accept a donation to their cause, and tickets help them prepare to feed the right amount of people.)

And for such a seemingly small town, there is no shortage of community picnics. The Phelps Fireman’s Picnic & Pig Roast has been a major social gathering for over 50 years, and this is a summer event you don’t want to miss! Tasty slow-roasted pork, kids games and activities, Santa in Phelpslive music and of course FIREWORKS! Another Phelps picnic is held to benefit the EMT and emergency services, with BBQ chicken and ribs that will have you licking your fingers and smacking your lips! What better way to support the community t
han with a finger-licking meal and great company?

Even beyond summer picnics, the town shows up in force for school and holiday events, as well. Be it Halloween, Easter or Christmas, there is a local celebration worth attending, designed with the town’s young in mind. The children love the Easter Egg race, the Halloween haunted forest and games, and of course the long awaited visit with Santa. Each occasion is complete with gifts or treats for the kids, and brings smiles to the faces of all, no matter their ages!

Diverse Clubs & Organizations Enhance the Phelps Community

The simple fact that we have so many wonderful non-profit organizations in Phelps speaks volumes for the town’s sense of community. We have groups dedicated to preserving and enhancing our natural resources, such as North South Twin Lakes Riparian Association and Great Headwaters Trails. The wonderful Phelps Snowmobile Snowmmobile Trailside funClub works all winter to keep our snowmobile trails in tip-top shape, and hosts a fun trail side brat fry for some social snow fun to help fund their efforts. We have ones dedicated to enhancing the life style and business potential of the area, like the Phelps Chamber of Commerce and the Northwoods Association of Realtors. The Phelps Women’s Club does so much for the area, including keeping us in colorful flowers and supporting our local library, that they deserve a big round of applause. (Don’t forget to drop in Phelps in the fall for the Phelps Scarecrow Fest, hosted by the Women’s Club!)

And let’s not forget the dedicated efforts and commitment of the Phelps Historical Museum in preserving the colorful past of the town! (Glimpse a piece of this history by joining the museum for their annual tour of historic homes or stop in the museum during the summer months!)Each of these organizations is well-supported by local citizens, and each does their part to blanket our community with strength, love and care that in turn enhances the lives of all that live or vacation in Phelps!

A Connected Community = A Rewarding Life

At any local event, you can practically see the fibers running from person to person, the interests and goals that are shared by all, and the genuine care for one’s neighbors. Even if you are just passing through, it’s impossible to not notice the warmth and connectedness in the town. And this is not a resource that is hoarded or limited in reach! The Phelps sense of community is happily extended to encompass a day visitor, a weekend vacationer, or a summer resident.

fire deptBecause Phelps knows, when you have something good, it is only made better by sharing it. Joining a local club, pitching in a few hours in support of a cause, or just buying a ticket to one of the picnics does more than just help out the community a bit. It makes you feel like this is all yours, that YOU can make a difference, and  that you belong. And nothing is more rewarding than belonging to a community as fantastic as Phelps!

Make a Difference in Your Community!

Are you looking for a way to get involved and make a difference in the Phelps community? Visit the Phelps Chamber Member Directory and browse the local clubs and organizations. Contact information for each is available, and no matter what you have to give, it will be well-appreciated. And to all those that are a part of this AMAZING community in any way, be it big or small, thank you! Because a community is not made up of a town, but rather single individuals that each bring something unique and valuable to the fabric quilt of community that we call Phelps.

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