1st Annual Twin Tri Results

Phelps Holds 1st Annual Twin Triathlon

2015 Twin TriathlonOn August 22nd, the first Twin Triathlon took place in Phelps. The event included a paddle on North Twin Lake, followed by a bike and run on country roads and the Vista Lakes Biking Trails.

Competitors of all experience levels faced quite the challenge on the water, as 15 mile per hour winds had the waves rolling strong. The bike and run routes also had their challenges, as surfaces varied greatly and recent rains left large puddles to be maneuvered. A few sandy
areas on the bike course had some competitors struggling to stay on their bikes, and the last hill on the route had many sighing and yet determined to make it to the top.

Despite course and weather challenges, every one of the participants completed the race. That includes 9 year old Archie, who participated with his parents and even beat his mom to the finish line. Each competitor deserves a big round of applause! Here are the final results:

Placing Name Number Total Time Paddle Bike Run
1st Scott S. 9 1:51:02 Best Bike 0:50:49 0:31:07 0:29:06
1st Team Jack G., Susie W., Paul W. TEAM 1(1, 2, 3) 1:53:19 Best Paddle 0:49:35 0:36:05 0:27:39
2nd Chris W. 10 2:09:54 0:56:40 0:42:37 0:30:37
3rd Ryan H. 5 2:23:22 Best Run 1:03:50 0:52:59 0:26:33
4th Theresa F. 4 2:30:53 1:07:10 0:52:51 0:30:52
5th Terry F. 13 3:01:08 1:12:10 1:05:13 0:43:45
6th Archie H. 7 3:08:12 1:09:10 1:14:02 0:45:00
7th Kelly B. 16 3:14:14 1:21:02 1:01:17 0:51:55
8th Kerry H. 6 3:14:39 1:09:10 1:21:32 0:43:57
9th Amy P. 14 3:18:03 1:23:48 1:02:20 0:51:55
10th Amanda P. 15 3:18:04 1:23:48 1:02:20 0:51:56
11th Brian W. 12 3:34:05 1:32:00 1:21:26 0:40:39
12th Julie W. 11 3:34:17 1:32:10 1:21:28 0:40:39


In addition to friends, family and spectators, Channel 12 paid a visit to Phelps to check out the first Twin Tri.

2015 Twin TriFollowing the Triathlon, we enjoyed live music on the shores of North Twin Lake on the new band stand. Rebel One, from the Wausau area, played a mix of alternative rock. They were followed by ToneHawks, who had the crowd tapping their feet and singing along. Visitors enjoyed food and refreshments, along with a nice breeze off of the lake. It couldn’t have been a nicer day to be in Phelps!

Did you miss this year’s Triathlon? Stay tuned for news about the 2nd Annual Twin Tri that will take place next summer!

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