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Build a Life in Phelps Wisconsin!

19 Aug

Are you considering relocating to Phelps Wisconsin or buying a summer home in the area? The Phelps Chamber of Commerce is here to help! We know what a truly spectacular place to live this is, and are happy to share information about the area with you! Appreciate the Beauty of Nature in Phelps! Phelps is […]

Properties with a Past in Phelps: Big Sand Lake Club

04 Jun

The Phelps Chamber’s exploration into the colorful history of Phelps, Wisconsin continues with a look at the Big Sand Lake Club property. This long-standing club was a favorite vacation spot of “Homeless Homer” Galpin and many important Chicago area businessmen in the early 1900’s and continues to be a Northwoods tradition today. Located on the […]

Colorful Characters in Phelps History

07 May

“Homeless Homer” Galpin – Chicago Bootlegger or Early Phelps Marketer? The development of our great town of Phelps is often credited to the logging industry that thrived throughout Vilas County in the 1800’s. However, it could be argued that Phelps would not have developed into the travel destination it is today without the foresight and […]

Why Your Northern Wisconsin Business Should be on Facebook

05 May

The whole world is addicted to social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…the list of social media sites is extensive and overwhelming. Everyone, everywhere is logging in to social platforms on a daily basis to socialize and share, for education and entertainment, and just to pass the time. For small businesses, this is good news. Why […]