Northwoods Nature Photography and Bird Watching in Wisconsin

Northwoods Nature Photography and Bird Watching Vacations in Phelps, WI

People coming to Phelps for the first time are often amazed by the natural beauty here! View this Discover Wisconsin video clip Phelps: Wonders of the Northwoods to explore the amazing sights of nature, the many miles of trails, and much more in Northern Wisconsin.

Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, you will find Phelps an ideal place for nature photography and bird watching vacations.

Best Bird Watching in Wisconsin

Experience Some of the Best Nature Photography in Wisconsin!

Phelps, Wisconsin is a wilderness gem located in the Nicolet National Forest. It’s a fantastic place to escape the world and get in touch with an unforgettable part of nature!

You’ll find miles of trails throughout the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest of Wisconsin and the Ottawa National Forest in Upper Michigan, the deep forest the perfect backdrop for wildlife photography.

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation or day trip, you will love this nature lover’s paradise. Some of these untouched natural areas make for some of the best wildlife viewings in Wisconsin!

Northern Wisconsin Photography: Bird Watching, Wildlife Observation, Stargazing, and More!

Northwoods Nature Photography: Possum in Northern WisconsinDid you know that Northern Wisconsin boasts of nearly 400 unique bird species?

Bald eagles and eagle nests can be found all over Phelps and throughout Vilas County. Listen for the cry of the loons over the lake, and watch for a glimpse of a majestic sandhill crane or whooping crane. Blue jays, hummingbirds, great horned owls and hundreds of other bird species all make their home in the vast forests and near the many freshwater lakes of Northern Wisconsin, making for exciting bird watching adventures.

View this Vilas County map to find nature photography and bird watching locations in Northern Wisconsin.

Phelps Nature Photography and Wildlife Observation Opportunities in Every Season! 

Northern Wisconsin Photography: Racoon in WinterIn spring, thousands, perhaps even millions of trilliums blanket the land, creating a storytime scene of spectacular art. Witness the swiftness of hummingbirds as they collect the juice of wildflowers, their colorful feathers gleaming in the sun.

In summer, experience the varying green hues under the endless blue of the northern sky. Our many lakes in the Phelps area reflect the beauty of the sky and colors of the forest on their crystal clear surfaces. Keep an eye out near the waters for painter turtles and whitetail deer.

In fall, Mother Nature selects her brightest crayons and colors the landscape with blazing reds, yellows, and oranges…a brilliant color palette that you won’t find in many other places. Watch the edges of the forests for a glimpse of tall, proud wild turkeys.

Winter offers exhilarating cross country skiing and snowshoeing adventures through snow-covered forests, providing a picturesque wonderland. Frost and snow can be a stunning backdrop to any wildlife or nature photograph.

Watch the Spectacular Northern Lights in Wisconsin

Stargazing in Northern WisconsinIf stargazing is your thing, the rural nature of Phelps makes our area an excellent one for watching the night sky. As thousands of star light up the darkness, one can feel as if you can reach out and touch each individual star.

Look for the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) late at night between 10 pm and 2 am. These spectacular lights can show up any time of year; however, September and March seem to be the best months to see them.

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