Membership Info

Phelps Chamber of Commerce Membership Information

We warmly invite all individuals, businesses, and organizations to be a part of the Phelps Chamber of Commerce. There are several levels of business membership that you can choose from.

Download our 2017 Membership Form to register today! Email all forms to

Associate Membership

Membership Fee of $25

  • Associate Membership is open to individuals or nonprofit organizations that support the Chamber.
  • Associate Membership does not include the benefits of a Business Membership or the right to vote.
  • Associate Membership is not available to businesses.
  • Chamber Membership discounts do not apply to Associate Membership.

Standard Business Membership

Membership Fee of $125

A Standard Business Membership includes:

  • a listing on the Chamber website
  • the ability to advertise in Chamber publications (additional cost may be incurred)
  • opportunity to display marketing materials in the Chamber information area
  • the right to vote and participate in all Chamber activities

Enhanced Business Membership

Membership Fee of $200

An Enhanced Business Membership includes all the benefits of a Standard Business Membership (above) AND it also includes the following:

  • Your business or organization will be highlighted and listed on the website in front of the Standard Business Membership listings.
  • You will have the option of purchasing dedicated pages on the Chamber website. (See below for more details.)
  • Your business or organization will be featured on the Chamber Facebook Business page and your Facebook posts will also be shared on the Chamber Facebook page. The maximum number of posts is 2 times per month and depends on your participation.
  • Your business or organization will also be included in other internet marketing campaigns.

Membership Discounts

There are also several ways that you can receive membership discounts:

New Membership Discount
A new member to the Phelps Chamber of Commerce will receive $50 off the first year of membership.
A new member is defined as any business or organization that has not been a Chamber member for three years or more.

Recruit New Members
If a Chamber member brings in a new member, the existing member will receive a $25 credit towards the following year’s membership dues. Note: There is a limit of no more than 50% off of membership dues.

A Chamber member may volunteer to help with a chamber event. For every 2 hours of time donated the Chamber member may deduct $20 off the membership dues for the following year. The maximum credit accumulated for each Chamber member is $40 annually. The event organizer will direct the volunteers.

Enhanced Business Membership Details

With the Enhanced Business Membership, you will have the option to become a Silver or Gold Chamber Member by adding an Upgrade Package. You can purchase one dedicated web page or several web pages on the Chamber website. This upgrade will provide you with a mini mobile website, dedicated entirely to featuring your business.

Initial Set-up Cost for Web Pages
Simply click on the images or links below to download the Silver and Gold Membership forms.

Silver Membership for Phelps Chamber of Commerce, WI

Become a Silver Chamber Member
Silver Membership Upgrade
$150 – 1 web page

Gold Membership for Phelps Chamber of Commerce, WI

Become a Gold Chamber Member
Gold Membership Upgrade
$250 – up to 3 web pages

Annual Web Maintenance Fee

After the first year, there will be an annual maintenance fee of $50 to maintain your web pages on the Chamber website.

Marketing Benefits for Your Business or Organization

1. The dedicated pages are mobile ready, which allows mobile devices to see your site in an optimized format. A mobile-ready site allows your site to be found on Google searches from mobile devices (which will be a requirement in the near future).

2. Your dedicated pages are on a website that is highly optimized for Google searches which is a real benefit, driving business to all your internet sites.

3. You can use the website address of the dedicated pages as your website and print it on marketing material.

4. Your dedicated pages will point to your existing website or other internet sites which helps for visibility and in Google searches.

Download the 2017 Membership Form here.